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Harbour & Civil Construction Curacao


Since its founding HCCC has realized various large projects throughout the region. Every project is different and requires specific knowledge. Whether it concerns a dam, pier or beach or the construction of a wharf or protection of embankments: HCCC has the expertise and the capability to realize each and every one of them.

In Combination with CWM NV (Jajo Caribbean infra) the execution of: Infrastructural- and Civil Works Reverse Osmose Plant Fuikbay
Client: Ondeo/Degramont-Aqualectra
Location: Fuikbay

We have made an update of the most impressive projects we have realized since 1990.

These references show the capacity of our company: We are not to big for the smaller projects and not to small for the larger projects.

Year Island Client Project Contract amount Delivered in Nafl

 - 1997 Aruba Aruba Nautical Heiwerk synchrolift 600.000,--  - 2001 Aruba APA Baggerwerk Schoenerhaven 1.500.000,--
 - 1998 Curacao Isla Pomphuis 1 650.000,--  - 2001 Curacao Ballast Nedam BOO Heiwerk 1.500.000,--
 - 1998 Curacao CPA Waaigat baggeren 2400 m3 750.000,--  - 2001 Curacao Reda Social Playa Kalki steiger 400.000,--
 - 1999 Curacao Steigerwerk Marichi+Cornelisbaai CPA 3.500.000,--  - 2002 Curacao Stichting Desaroyo Waaigat Wilhelminabrug Landhoofden 200.000,--
 - 1999 Curacao Koninklijke Marine Kustwachtsteiger 2.100.000,--  - 2002 Aruba APA Kade reparatie/ondersteuning 450.000,--
 - 1999 Aruba Koninklijke Marine Kustwachtsteiger 950.000,--  - 2002 Curacao MMC Upgrading/uitbreiding 900.000,-- 2002
lossteiger MMC
 - 2000 Curacao Consorzio Jantech Irup Heiwerk 900.000,--  - 2003 Curacao CPA NV New pier "Puerto San Minquel" (Boca Sami); Construction on predrilled casingpiles with prefabricated concrete and prefabricated inverted concrete U-beams, fender construction with pitch pine 3" * 8" horizontal attached to concrete beams. 480.000,--
 - 2001 Aruba APA Steigers Schoenerhaven 1.500.000,-- 2001
 - 2003 Curacao Royal Dutch Marine Demolishing old wooden pier, pull out broken wooden piles and remove slip-way up to 3.00 m below mean sea level. 250.000,--



Eigen Woning Plan

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Eigen Woning Plan Papiamentu

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